m v rakaia

Barrie hudd
30th July 2005, 12:16
I sailed on this ship in the late 60 as an engineer are ther any members who sail on this fine ship

30th July 2005, 23:21
Hi Barrie,

There is a website devoted to cadet training ships, one of which was the "Rakaia". Try www.rakaia.co.uk for some pics of that ship and info.
I did one voyage on her to Oz and back as 2nd R/O way back in 1959.


Tom Haywood
1st August 2005, 23:29
I only coasted the Rakaia from Liverpool to London (July/August 67) and remember that she was realy the odd one within the NZS Co's fleet, ex Empire ????. Also remember that the accomadation suffered from exhaust fumes from the very short funnel with anything blowing from astern.

Tom Haywood

2nd August 2005, 10:21
Ex Empire Abercorn (1946) built H & W belfast 1945.

15th October 2012, 19:21
I am hoping someone will be able to help me find out some info on my fatherís time as a deck boy on M.V Rakaia. All I have at the moment is a picture of my father in his deck uniform and a picture of M.V Rakaia where he has written on the back his name and date of Sept 1958. I also have a picture of M.V Otaio where he has written on the back To mum love John.
My fatherís name was Reginald John Stannard dob 17/7/42. He sadly died in 1981 and I am now researching his life. His parents died when he was 4 and he spent some years in childrenís homes before he went to live with foster parents. From memory He told us he joined the Navy when he was 14 and sailed to New Zealand. He joined the army in 1960 when he was 18 and stated his occupation as merchant seaman. Do you know where I might find any records of his time on board these ships? I have looked through the photos on the Rakaia site but he is not in any of them.

john w mills
4th January 2014, 17:06
I joined the MV rakia in 1964 and done 2 world trips on her, on my maiden voyage I had an appendix operation done to the fact it ruptured as we crossed the Australian bight heading from New Zealand to South Africa.

22nd April 2014, 16:54
I sailed on her in 1969.

23rd April 2014, 01:03
Was Bernie Richardson Cadet Captain in the late 1960's?

23rd April 2014, 20:44
Cheryl. I never sailed on the MV Rakia but seen her many times in the sixties. I only knew the vessel as a cadet ship during that time, in that role she did carry one possibly two deck boys. All the others were cadets the deck boys were buglers that played the Revellie and the Last Post etc during the various flag routines. Apparently these boys had normally done their pre sea training at the TS Indefatigable in Nth Wales where they learned to play the bugle.
Therefore it's quite possible your dad attended there prior to going to sea, there is a Indefatigable site on the internet which may be well worth investigating for your search purposes. If he was at that training school most likely it was 1957 to 1958, they were there for a minimum period of 12 months some as long as 18 months.
Best wishes in your search.

22nd September 2016, 12:20
Hello. I was on the Rakaia as a Cadet 1958/9 so I would have known your Dad. He may be the one over which I got into trouble. He was due to play the bugle one evening in Australia but he wanted to go ashore. I said I would play it for him. Unfortunately I made a few errors and the Officer noticed. I got into trouble. If it was your Dad let me tell you he was a lovely lad. One year younger than me. Regards Michael (Bob) Chartres

22nd September 2016, 14:34
Did any body sail on her under sail(Wave)

22nd September 2016, 15:44
Did any body sail on her under sail(Wave)

That happened the trip before I joined the Rakaia. I boarded at Harland & Wolfe where she had undergone the repairs.

Norman Best
28th September 2016, 15:09
Hi ,I'm reading a book called Below the waterline by Dave Carpenter published by Bears Hide Publishing, 2 Bramber Avenue, Peacehaven, Sussex, BN10 SLR. All about a first trip junior engineer, the author. The best book I have ever read from a marine engineer point of veiw, He describes my first trip with Bank Line to a t. It is all about the Rakaia.All best Norm.