Barton Grange

stuart davies
28th December 2008, 18:20
attached photograph of Barton Grange sailing from Newport 1951
for Buenos Aires.

non descript
28th December 2008, 21:35
Good luck with uploading the image - fingers crossed that you can find it, but do please shout if you need help; frankly we asll find it strange to begin with. In the meantime, Barton Grange was the only ship to bear that name; she was the Empire Balfour, built by Lithgows of Glasgow in 1944 and chartered in on a bareboat basis in 1946, then purchased by Houlders in 1949 and re-named Barton Grange. She remained with the company until 1958 when she was sold and named Sunlight and with this name she was broken up in 1967.