Malvern Prince

Kalamaki Bob
29th December 2008, 19:52
I was a cadet with SSA and still very green when I was sent to the Malvern Prince. That was late 74 and I did a couple of the UK/Leixoes/Lisbon/Haifa/Ashdod trips.Loved it although it was a bit much for a sprog to do teh 8-12 with my limited experience. Old Norman was the mate (lovely old chap) and Ali Fischbacher was the 2nd Mate.

The Malvern was a great little ship and had a great little crew. I left and went to the Medic down to Kiwi and then they let me go back to the Malvern again. Hit the jetty in Fowey after loading china clay and the old man had a cement box for a day bed! I suffered a bit for that. We'd only just left drydock in Jarrow as well.

Happy days......