HMS Fearless

Bob S
1st August 2005, 17:06
Just read in a national newspaper of a proposal to convert HMS FEARLESS into a nightclub with 700 rooms for itís guests and that she will be moved to the River Thames.
I wonder if she will keep her Navy Grey.

Paul UK
1st August 2005, 17:20
I dont know if this is good or bad, on one hand at least she will stay with us but a night club.

Also just seen Invincible has just paid off in portsmouth for the last time, I for one never saw that coming.

Hope the night club people dont find out as she has a much bigger dance floor.


Doug Rogers
2nd August 2005, 04:37
Hope they have improved the Mess Decks a little from the last time I was on her, wonder how many stars they can award her for her accommodation??.

29th July 2007, 18:36
The idea to buy and convert her was made by a chap called Keith Knolwes of InterPub (the owner behind St.Christopher's Inns). They have spent almost £1 million on plans and surveys. It would take a lot to convert her as there is huge amounts of asbestos onboard etc but the biggest thing stopping it is the Port of London Authority refusing to give permission to her being berthed in the Thames. They say that one warship is enough!

21st August 2007, 10:30
Just wondering if she might return to her birthplace as Harland and Wolff have tendered for HMS Intrepid's demolition.

4th November 2007, 11:31
Of interest will be a thread started on 31 October 2007 "HMS Fearless to go to the breaker's yard"