Aberthaw & Kingsnorth Fisher

2nd January 2009, 17:07
Are these two specialised heavy lift ships still around. They were built I believe for the CEGB to transport heavy equipment directly into the power station sites around the UK. Diesel electric prime movers , which also powered the hydraulic pumps for the lifts. They were dreadfully slow and in any kind of weather would almost stop. due to the slip on the propeller motors

2nd January 2009, 17:55
Aberthaw Fisher scrapped at alang, Indiain 2000 - see
Kingsnorth Fisher (built in Aberdeen) was scrapped in 2001

Pat McCardle
17th March 2009, 19:16
New Generation ex Kingsnorth Fisher, probably the worst ship, so far, I've had the displeasure of sailing on & that was for only 3 weeks.