Crossed the Bar: Gerry Grenfell

6th January 2009, 15:14
We just heard from Gerry's son that Gerry passed away Xmas 2007, his wife
(June) still living but sadly suffering from dementia. Sailed with Gerry & June on the Nordic Commander when the A/C broke down and motor was landed at Cape town to be got when we came back AFTER the Gulf in June.

Gerry was one of nature's gentlemen.

That explains why the lecky started making a hammock the next day...

His family are trying to find out who Lamont & Ann might be in the Christmas card list, but they (Lamont & Ann) may from P & O.

Anybody recognise the names?


6th January 2009, 15:19
Very sad to hear of Gerry's death, sailed with him on the Iberia, he was senior 2nd. God rest Gerry and condolences to his family. RIP

Stephen J. Card
7th January 2009, 20:53

His family are trying to find out who Lamont & Ann might be in the Christmas card list, but they (Lamont & Ann) may from P & O.

Anybody recognise the names?



That would be Captain Donald Lamont Ross, (Crieff) Denholms Retd.


7th January 2009, 21:02
Very sorry to here of Gerry Grenville passing on, I sailed with Gerry as a lecky on the Nordic Commander, a real gentleman

7th January 2009, 22:31
Hello Stevie and Callum.

I figured it would indeed be Donald Ross, but kept quiet as I knew I would see him at a family funeral today.

As Steven says he uses the name Lamont, his wife's name is Ann, and he confirmed he was on Gerry's Christmas card list.

I asked him about Charlie MacPherson, also of Creiff, and now a Supply Boat Master - anyone remember him?
He's married to an ex Denholm Barra bosun's daughter.

I recall walking in to the bar on the Al Dhafrah and asking if the cadets were old enough to be drinking. 'Yessir, I'm 26.' was the reply.
He was a late starting cadet, and previously worked as a prawn fisherman in Ullapool with some other people I know.

Great the stuff that resurfaces at such meetings.

Regards to all,


Jon Vincent
8th January 2009, 01:23
Hi Callum, I never thought to post Gerry's death, he died 8th December 2007, very sad, collapsed one night helping June to go to bed, it was a while before he was found in the bathroom on the floor, by the time the doctor got there it was too late, we were all and still are grief striffen, Gibson gave his Gerry a really good send off, there was stannding room only in St Charles, Falmouth. Lynn my wife fly back striaght away to help and attend the funeral, I was on duty and could not make it. Gerrys ashes are in the church yard where he went to church his whole life, June took it very badly as you can imagine, We have been back a couple of time this year to stay with June, she is a lot better now and doing quite well. She would love tohear from any of his old shipmates, escpecially you and your wife. I hope you have lost that screwdriver Callum, hows retirement. Rgda Jon

8th January 2009, 09:49
Jon many thanks for your post on Gerry. It was appreciated.

8th January 2009, 23:29
I was there that night, we sent Charlie a set of crystal glasses for his wedding!

Was Bob Winstanley there at that time too?

Will check with you later about Donald Lamont Ross to ensure all is clear
before passing the message on to Gibson.


9th January 2009, 20:56
Glad to say that thanks to the wonders of the internet have linked up from Aultbea to Australia and got in contact with the Lamont mentioned.

Thanks to Steve & Roddy.

Thanks to Jon for the kind memories of Gerry & June they were a lovely couple, at their best watching Ernie swallow a Salmon Curry, June would
kick Gerry's leg at the appropriate point when the Salmon was about to disappear out of sight.


Andy Bain
25th September 2009, 16:00
Gerry Grenfell was simply the finest man I met in all my time at sea ,a perfect gentleman . I remember his story of how he aquired his briefcase. During the war his ship was torpedoed and sinking (P&O.?) ,Gerry went back into the accom. from the boat deck to collect his tickets & papers etc. and came across an elderly passenger looking for the lifeboats. Gerry escorted him up to boatdeck and when they eventually made land the chap presented him with attache case to keep his replacement papers in. He was still using it last time I sailed with him. May God bless him!

25th September 2009, 22:01
hi roddy know charlie well he married morag maclean joe macleans daughter one of his kids won the gold clasp on the feis a few years ago nice guy nice family they lived next to me at home on holiday brgds kev.