Orange Melody

Bob S
3rd August 2005, 20:18
Seen sailing from Tilbury today, ORANGE MELODY was until recently BERLIN. Now operated by Saga Shipping.

Apologies for the British weather.

fred henderson
3rd August 2005, 22:37
As I understand the situation Bob, Saga Marine have entered into a contract to take the old Berlin in time to carry out a much needed refit and to allow her to enter service with Saga next summer as the Saga Opal. In the meanwhile the German owners have found someone else to employ the ship as the Orange Melody. Does anyone know who?


fred henderson
5th August 2005, 16:09
Further information. The Berlin was apparently chartered at very short notice by the Ukranian operator Metropolis Tur when the refit of their planned vessel, Odessa, was not completed on time. Orange Melody is therefore making a patriotic reference to the recent overthrow of the Communists by the Orange revolution.

The ship is on bareboat charter with a Ukranian crew until she is delivered to Saga, who now intend to rename her Spirit of Adventure. This is a complete change in style from their existing fleet.