Crossed the Bar: Alastair Blair

9th January 2009, 20:41
It was good of Stephen to put Donald & I in touch again, thanks.
Whilst reminiscing it came to mind that Captain Alastair Blair of Crinan had passed away last month, he was on the Forest boats during my time and very patient with a newcomer let loose on hydraulic hoses used for shifting the hatches, usually in the middle of the night!
A very large funeral was held in Kilmartin.
Alastair was later in Calmac as Mate.


10th January 2009, 11:35
Hi, Calsatch,
nice to see your posting. There is already a thread to Alastair's passing, which you might be interested to view. Perhaps, your thread could be merged with it?
I have tried to point some of his family in its direction.