British Defender as El Flamingo

18th January 2009, 08:06
Of the 8,000 tonners British Defender had the most interesting conversion. In 1969 she was converted into a TSH Dredger, discharging through bottom doors.

There do not seem to be many photos of her about and even less of what she did yet and where. She was finally broken up in Bruges in 1982 ... thats 32 years after she was built.

The other 8,000 tonner which led a different life was British Rover which was sold to Palm Line as Makeni Palm.

The 8's were a lovely little class and although I really wanted to do a trip on one never got the chance. Did visit one once, probably in Abadan and we were quite envious of the laid back ambience aboard.

Anyone got any photos or details? (==D)