Jack (Wacky Jacky) Turnbull, Chief Eng

20th January 2009, 16:25
Any body sail with Jack Turnbull, Chief Engineer [=P]

20th January 2009, 16:31
Not sure if it is the same one but I sailed with him in Ben line when he was third engineer

21st January 2009, 09:53
There is only one Wacky Jacky

27th April 2011, 11:03
There is only one Wacky Jacky

Somebody must know Jackie (Gleam)

Derek Roger
27th April 2011, 14:25
Captain Jackie Waters ; Moss Tankers .

Paul Barford
28th April 2011, 10:16
(Thumb)Was with Wacky the 3/E on the scrapping voyage of the 'Nevvis. Flew back to he U.K. sat next next to him, from Hong Kong...think we drank all the beer on the flight!