Super Tanker Tour

20th January 2009, 16:28
Thought some of you old Gingerbeers might like a peep at the following links if you have not seen them already?

My ships were all Chinese Laundries, modern motor ships seem very spacious!

Engine Room Tour:

Deck Tour 1:

Deck Tour 2:


Steve R770014 South Derbyshire

20th January 2009, 17:21
Absolutely amazing ! Makes the minnows I sailed in many moons ago seem so small.

Malky Glaister
21st January 2009, 11:20
Engineroom tour takes me back I could almost feel the hot bits as we passed,
Regards Malky Glaister

Tam Broon
21st January 2009, 12:00
Excellent, thanks for that. Now I can show the family exactly where I worked, still photos don't really do it justice.

Regards Tom Browne

21st January 2009, 13:45
I agree that it was excellent and have forwarded it to about 60 people this morning. Many thanks

22nd January 2009, 14:00
Nice thank you

jerome morris
22nd January 2009, 16:10
Yes, I could feel the heat as well. Thank you.

23rd January 2009, 05:12
WOW! Very Nice.. Thank you for sharing. I have forwarded it as well to many friends which will GREATLY enjoy it. What a great find!

Best Regards,