Sea Energy

Bob S
6th August 2005, 19:10
I saw this strange looking vessel arriving at Felixstowe today (6th August). She was the SEA ENERGY operated by Sea Power & Energy, I believe she is employed in the construction of wind generator farms off the coast.
Sorry for the quality but she was a long way off.

6th August 2005, 19:14
Them towers on the cargo deck are legs that are used to lift the vessel as she installs the wind turbine.

Jan Hendrik
7th August 2005, 11:30
Go to the Gallery and find "Resolution"" and you find more info regarding another vessel purposedly built for the wind turbine energy.

This must be another vessel for same purpose. I did not know there was another lookalike built.
Somebody has more info?

7th August 2005, 13:16
there was something in an old ships monthly about these vessels. The mayflower resolution is the one you are thinking of Jan. I will try and dig the mag out

Bob S
7th August 2005, 15:27
Missed the Mayflower Resolution earlier this year when she visited London but yes, they are both in the same business. Shoreside in Felixstowe were a number of turbine "masts" (if thatís the right word) and prop assembles.
She is Danish flag, built 1990, 3332 gt, ex OCEAN ADY

Jan Hendrik
8th August 2005, 13:08
Thanks for the info Bob.

Mayflower Resolution changed her name to Resolution after the Mayflower Corp went bankrupt, see my thread in the gallery.

8th August 2005, 18:32
I have seen Sea Power & Sea Energy in Felixstowe in the last couple of months. They seem to run between Felixstowe & Esbjerg in Denmark. There must be a lot of wind turbines going up somewhere!

Bob S
9th August 2005, 13:53
I noticed that SEA ENERGY was listed in the PLA website the following day, at the "Spaniards", anyone know where the "Spaniards" is?

9th August 2005, 19:04
Spaniards. is it an area around HAMPSTEAD, Dick turpins house is in spaniards,. so says e-bay.

9th August 2005, 19:07
strange what you find on e-bay!

Bob S
9th August 2005, 19:25
Don't think it would get up to Hampstead, a bit too big. lol..
I've a feeling that it's in the Thames Estuary somewhere, I'll track it down some how.

Fergus 62
9th August 2005, 20:58
"Resolution" currently working out of Belfast every few weeks, picking up wind turbine legs which are being built by Harland and Wolff and shipping/positioning to site off Cumbrian coast.
Fergus 62

25th September 2005, 22:32
'Sea Energy' has just completed installation of 30 wind turbines at the Kentish Flats Wind Farm site in the Thames Estuary, off Herne Bay. 'Resolution' was there 12 months ago putting in the foundations and 'Sea Energy' has spent the last 3 months putting on the towers and turbines. She has been making the trip from Felixstowe to Kentish Flats (by Spaniard Buoy) with either 2 masts or 2 turbines at a time. 'Sea Energy' has a sister ship 'Sea Power' which has been in Felixstowe recently .

Jan Hendrik
26th September 2005, 07:38
The windturbine offshore industry is still expanding as follows:
Currently there are about 400 towers in the open sea.
For 2005 they expect to complete another 150 or so of which the construction indeed is now being assisted by these purpose built vessels.
Next year approx 300 towers are to be installed, mainly in Germany and the UK, after that 2000 to 2500 MegaWatt per annum resulting into some 700 towers per year.

Ireland postponed their 200 towers from 2005/6 to 2009.
The position changes quite often as the investments are pretty big.
Most towers today you find in Denmark, one series of 80 and one series of 72 towers.
Hereby some of an earlier project.

26th September 2005, 07:57

Here the Resolution (
Name:Resolution IMO No:9260134Ex:Mayflower Resolution Built:12/2003Type:Specialised Carrier Status:In ServiceSubType: Flag:Isle of ManDWT:7,000 Draft: Builder:Shanhaiguan ShipyardGT: LOA:130.50 Owner:Marine Projects InternationalNT: Beam:38.00 Speed/Cons:-/-Class:NV Depth:8.00

Jan Hendrik
26th September 2005, 09:03

There is a bit of a write up in the Gallery, under Resolution.
I also have plenty more photos of this vessel as I have been involved in the wind turbine industry and still do presentations about it where I always show the Resolution and her characteristics.

Mayflower Corp. went bankrupt and had to sell this vessel for half the cost whilst they had not executed any work.
A consortium is now running the vessel.