Looking for Mick Winter

23rd January 2009, 19:20
Hi gents, wonder if anyone can help me. I sailed with Mick Winter ( chief cook ) in his BP days. He left BP around about 1988 give or take a year or so and went to OCL. I know he was still around with PO/OCL in the 90's. Any chance there's someone out there knows where he is now? if so would be gratefull for any info.


24th January 2009, 03:53
Sailed with him a couple of times with him on the Bay boats. Haven't seen him since but last I knew was living in the Carlisle area so that might be another starting point for you.

Good luck.

Lofty Shears
20th February 2009, 09:13
I remember Mick Winters from the Bay Boats, sailed with him possibly only once, not heard about him from other bay boat lads I keep in touch with, but will put the feelers out to the North East bay boat lads I know.
all the best

28th February 2009, 10:53
Cheers Lofty,

I know he lives in the Denton Holme area of Carlisle, but that's about it. Whether he's still at sea or not? got no idea. Appreciate any help though.

28th February 2009, 11:17
Have you tried friends reunited, or facebook. There both free to use.

1st March 2009, 11:14
Tried Friends reunited, no luck, now face book that's a different matter. Apparently it's the in thing at the mo even my dad's on it. Never been on myself, a computer nerd I know tells me it's rife for viruses, but I might just take a chance. Cheers.

17th February 2010, 04:45
I know it's nearly a year later ..... but did you ever find him?

If not, I am in contact with him thru Facebook.