Doug H
8th August 2005, 04:07
I really know nothing about this ship except that she was in Sydney in March 2003 when I had a camera in my hand. Does anybody have any info?

Doug Rogers
8th August 2005, 04:26
I believe that she is a floating apartment block.
A lot of the cabins/suites/staterooms are owned directly although a proportion of them are reserved for holiday reservations. She travels the world (at quite slow speed) and one of the remarkable things about her is that when she is in port for a few days she is actually turned around so that her "passengers" get equal views!!. Interesting concept but I wonder what happens when she gets older and deterioration sets in...dont think I would like to pay the annual maintenance levy!!.

8th August 2005, 10:42
I believe that she has not been a success financially - the demand for apartments was not up to expectations.

Paul UK
8th August 2005, 12:24
The owners can join the ship were and when they choose, I heard that they are all millionaires and still have to be vetted by the company and existing owners before they are allowed to buy an apartment, Just to make sure that they get with the neighbors I suppose.

Owners are the residents/Residensea
Flag Bahamas
43,000 GRT
Length 644.2 M
Beam 97.8 M
Draft 22 Feet
12 Decks
Max Speed 18.5 Knts
Maximum Occupancy 657 Passengers
Average Occupancy 200
Crew 250

All for just a snip from 1.3 Million USD to 7.52 Million USD Each Appartment
She is 90% sold.


fred henderson
8th August 2005, 16:08
A younger member of the Kloster family liked the idea of a condominium style cruise ship. His concept was finance the ship by pre-selling sufficient appartments to meet the down payment to a Norwegian shipyard and to borrow the rest. After a very long sales drive it became clear that his first idea of buildidng an 85,000 ton ship would not work and the project was scaled down to the dimensions Paul lists.

My records show a small difference in passenger numbers. I believe that there are 105 residences and 88 guest suites. The lower berth accommodation is 386, and the maximum capacity is 699. She carries 343 officers and crew. Her service speed is 17 knots and she consumes 67 tons of MDO a day.

As the contract price was $264 million the selling price of the appartments needed to be much higher than has been achieved and the ship's owners, Residensea soon were in serious financial trouble. The owners of the appartments that had been sold (on 50 year leases!) bought the ship and took over the management, which is why new buyers are vetted by the existing owners.


Doug Rogers
9th August 2005, 07:31
Thanks Fred, that puts it all wonderfully in perspective. I hope they are all rich millionaires though because I think they are really going to need a bit of cash to keep her going as she gets older.

9th August 2005, 11:54
Saw her on the way up to Antwerpen on the 23rd July then saw her go past on her way out to sea(Vlissingen - Holland) a few days later in the evening with all the lights on .Very nice but what happens when she grows older what happens to all those expensive appartments onboard guess there must be some insurance policy or something.


2nd February 2006, 00:30
looks a little lean in the lifeboat department

2nd February 2006, 00:35

Have a look at CED's (Chief Engineer's Daughter) Gallery. She has posted internal shots from the vessel.

jim barnes
2nd February 2006, 10:05
Horrible thought but all those multy million aires in one spot at any given time must be a terrible security risk, and what nationality are the crew etc, possibly with all that money floating around on her more than likely crew are the cheapest that can be recruited. Sorry only a thought?

Chief Engineer's Daughter
2nd February 2006, 16:16

Have a look at CED's (Chief Engineer's Daughter) Gallery. She has posted internal shots from the vessel.

Was onboard her in June or July 2004. THE very best of everything on her but couldn't help thinking how boring it would be after a couple of weeks. After all, who wants to spend life in a vessel where you have 5 resturants, a shopping mall, 2 x 18 hole golf courses with 100? courses to pick from, putting course, full size tennis court, library and internet cafe, health suite, 300 seat theatre and 2 swimming pools. In her stern is a "slide out marina" with peerie boats. She burns diesel as fuel oil is too dirty. All waste is compacted and nothing is dumped overboard. She does, if I remember correctly, 19 knots top speed. We noticed when we were on her that NOTHING was tied down for rough weather. The explanation given was she doesnt roll too much and if the weather was that bad then they don't sail. I could give you alsorts of other details on her safety features but that would be too anoraky!!!!
Also a committee of residants decide every year what their sailing itinery will be.
Is that enough information?