Marine Radio School Eglantine Ave Belfast circ 1956-58

29th January 2009, 20:54
Any one reading who attended the above establishment in the years shown or early 1960's.Like to hear from you.

29th January 2009, 21:17
Any one reading who attended the above establishment in the years shown or early 1960's.Like to hear from you.

Hi Dunkwa,

I attended the Ulster Polytechnic in Jordanstown, in late 70s. A bit after your time. The Radio College in Hardcastle Street moved to the Poly when it opened in the early 70s. I have never heard of the Radio College in Eglantine Ave. Did Hardcastle Street take over from it?
There is a site for ex students of Hardcastle St. and the Poly here.

I haven't come across any other Belfast trained R/Os on here yet?



Brian Davidson
3rd February 2009, 13:52
Hi Mick

I had the privilage of completing one year at Hardcastle Street before moving to Jordanstown. It was a wonderous place! Not sure when the college at Eglantine closed and moved to Hardcastle Street though. I left the Poly in 1973 when I finished the radar course.


Cyril Hamill
3rd February 2009, 14:05
I attended Hardcastle Street for PMG and Radar and left in 1962,quite a time before the school moved to Jordanstown. Eglantine Avenue was a private run establishment,not aware it combined with Hardcastle Street.Joined AEI ar sea for 3 years before direct employed with Elder Dempster leaving in January 1969 to come ashore.

3rd February 2009, 19:42
Hi Brian and Cyril,

The Belfast lads are starting to come out of the woodwork at last! I was at the Poly from 77 to 80, MRGC in 79 and Radar in 80.



18th May 2009, 14:26
I was at Hardcastle street 1965 thru 67. I know that Eglantine avenue was a private school but don't know when closed. I don't think it was open in 1965. Left with just my PMG2 but ended up fixing the radar anyway. Served ten years then got married. Wish I could go back.
James MacLochlainn

K urgess
18th May 2009, 17:37
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, James.
I see you've found the radio room already.
Get to know the crew and have a good trip.

10th June 2010, 21:14
Hello all
I attended the above, if memory serves me right from 1962 till 1964 and
I think it was still open for a few more years.

Cyril Hamill
5th December 2011, 18:11
So sorry to hear of the death of Stan Rowlinson,teacher and mentor at the Radio School in Belfast.He was a true gentleman and friend to us all.Our thoughts are with Ruby and family at this time

Penny Lunn
19th December 2012, 17:31
I am trying to find my cousin, Glenn Wetherall, who studied radar in Belfast in the late 1950's (?) & was a radio officer in the 1960's. Last known ship was the ELIAS - after that my family lost contact with him, & I would dearly like to find him! Does anybody know him, or have any idea what he may have done next? I live in Cape Town , South Africa.

24th December 2012, 16:35
I guess Danny Macalea could have been trained in Belfast - an Irish guy who was on the Marconi 'Radiolocator IV' radar course in Cardiff in Sep 1966 along with a lively bunch of his pals. We all lived at the Merchant Navy Hotel during the month-long course and his name sticks in my mind because we shared a room. I remember that the course instructor was quite an elderly Welsh guy with a strong personality but also a grating, resonant voice (probably a result of the fags for he was a devoted smoker).

I had my small tape recorder with me so I still have a tape of the amusing singing session that took place in our room one day, led by Danny. The guys were good enough to have done a stage act or acts

15th February 2013, 00:14
At the Marine Radio College, Eglantine Avenue 1963 - 65 then entered Grey Funnel and Gov Comms. I have retrieved from the grey matter: Senior Instructor was a Mr Brown; it was a Marconi equipped radio shack with 'Oceanspan' Tx (with no R/T), 'Reliance' emergency Tx, Atalanta Rx, 'Alert' guard Rx, 'Seaguard' auto alarm, 'Lodestone' manual D/F set with a large B/T loop aerial in the bay window and it was not secured to the deck (HSE would have a field day). There was an 'serial splitter board' which was difficult of those of us short in statue to use and a yellow dustbin - the lifeboat equipment. Our local social centres the Eglantine Arms and the Balmoral Arms. Good days.

1st April 2013, 20:41
My brother Jack Campbell, ex-RAF, attended the Eglantine Avenue school in the early to mid 50's. I was at Hardcastle Street from 1962 to 1965.