Google Earth

9th August 2005, 01:24
Has anyone had a look at Google Earth yet? It has absolutely awesome detailed views from more skinny dipping in the backyard pool.

Do a search on Google Earth and download the free version.

Alan Hill
9th August 2005, 11:51
I have been into Google Earth several times so far. Looks good. A little bit more jazz than Maps on Us. And free too. Alan Hill Bridgeport, Pa. USA

19th August 2005, 16:12
Google Earth is neat, but for those who don't have XP, or don't have the fast computer required, there's always Google Maps (,-74.000269&spn=0.004771,0.006992&t=k&hl=en) which accesses the same data.

For those with slower connections, switch it into map mode to find the location you're interested in, it's faster. Then switch to satellite to see it.

19th August 2005, 19:12
A regular on Google Earth, I have revisited most of the Docks around the world I used To go to in my merchant navy days (1960s)

19th August 2005, 19:39
I find that some of the images are a bit fuzzy, apparenty they are working on it, no problems as much with towns, but get of the beaton track a bit and clarity disapears.

21st August 2005, 05:00
I like to look at airports. There's a concorde clearly visible at JFK, and There's a really clear view of this one (,-22.624626&spn=0.002637,0.006391&t=k&hl=en) in Iceland.

21st August 2005, 15:21
I just noticed, Singapore has been updated. Meaning that high resolution images are now available.

Look at this ( to see just how clear it is now.

29th December 2005, 22:41
Before you download this excellent free product from there are a couple of points you should consider. I mention them because a friend of mine attempted to use it and didn't get anywhere.
Firstly consider the type of connection you have. If you don't have broadband it is like watching paint dry so my recommendation is don't bother unless you have it.
Secondly the screen resolution on your computer supports may limit the quality of images you can display. You can check this by right-clicking on your empty desktop, selecting Properties - then the Settings tab and checking the screen resolution. You will get poor results unless you can select 32bit colour and a screen resolution of something like 1280X1024.

Once you get it running you can easily lose yourself for hours on a world tour. As a previous contributor noted, the focus is on big towns and cities and places of international interest - off the main areas the resolution tends to be lower - but not always. Some places you may wish to check out are San Francisco, Panama, Ls Vegas, New York, the Pyramids, London and Rome. Of UK ports, Folkestone is well-covered but Dover poorly so. There are good views of the Millenium Tower in Portsmouth, Southampton, Hull, Sunderland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and area, Clydeside, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Bristol, and Plymouth. (There you see - that's another half hour of my life gone just bumming around the coastline!)

9th January 2006, 10:05
Just downloaded and seen my bungalow with car outside and back garden. Can't even have a pee behind the garden shed now without the spy in the sky seeing me?!!. David

non descript
9th January 2006, 10:57
.. Can't even have a pee behind the garden shed now without the spy in the sky seeing me?!!. David


But the good news is that neither can your neighbour, which will surely benefit your shed.


21st January 2006, 18:32
Anyone interested there’s a photo of my house, which is up for sale ...has a nice garden and a new roof...
Google Earth is excellent