Stephen Lowe

3rd February 2009, 15:59
Good Afternoon

Wonder if anyone rembers Stephen Lowe in the Company ??

Son of Arthur Lowe (Dads Army)

Best wishes

5th February 2009, 12:11
Will, I did a coast with him once, can't remember which ship it was, but it could have been the Singpore. He was the double of his father.

bert thompson
5th February 2009, 15:40
Welcome Will to this great site
Best wishes

Paul Winstanley
23rd February 2009, 07:10
Yes I sailed with Stephen when he was a cadet on the "Cape Town" and then he came back later as Third Mate.

Tony Drury
21st June 2009, 11:45
I remember Steve but not sure whether was on a ship (possibly City of Capetown) - possibly coastwise or at college?

Anyway best regards Steve

Tony Drury

Fergus 62
22nd June 2009, 18:29
Slight variation from this thread, but based on sons of TV actors, 45 years on and I shamefully cannot remember his name, but I recall sailing with the son of the actor who played a detective in Z Cars - "City of Glasgow" 1965. Memory - or whats left of it - tells me it was a good trip and he was a good shipmate. Can anyone give me a name?

Fergus 62

23rd June 2009, 04:31
Ah Yes! 'Z Cars', better than 'The Bill'.

I remember many years ago seeing an interview with Joe Brady who played PC Jock Weir, Patrol Car sidekick of 'Fancy' Smith (Brian Blessed).
There was mention of him having been in the MN prior to an acting career.
Just looked him up on the Web and one site says he spent 10 years at sea and another 5 years.

Taffy R556959