Elder Dempster during Royal Mail ownership

fred henderson
5th February 2009, 19:03
As most Members will know, Elder Dempster was owned by the Royal Mail group from 1909 until 1936. I have written a Directory history of RMSP during these years, when it was under the control of Owen Cosby Philipps (who became Lord Kylsant as a result) and during the aftermath of this dramatic period.

Elder Dempster features prominently in this history. Members who have an interest in Elder Dempster's history and who have not seen the RMSP reference may like to look at: -

http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/guides/Royal_Mail_Steam_Packet_Company_Kylsant_Empire_Par t_1

The grid at the foot of Part 1 links through to the subsequent pages.

Fred (Thumb)

Bill Forster
5th February 2009, 22:47
This is a massive undertaking which must have involved a huge amount of work.

I found the short history of Elder Dempster and its fleet list at: http://www.aquila.btinternet.co.uk/elder-dempster/ed_hist.pdf

very helpful in understanding how Elder Dempster was salvaged from the wreck of the Royal Mail Group.

Bill Forster