Help!...Sale of items from liner 'France/Norway'

Richard Green
6th February 2009, 17:08
Hi All,

Took a stroll down the high street (The Champs Elysees) to have a look at the items now on sale at Artcurial. These range from the Blanchet and DiCaprio prow of the liner to sidetable lamps, uniforms and engineroom control dials. I've taken a series of photos and would like to post them, but I'm having trouble resizing them to be acceptable for the gallery. I saw a recent post on here relating to resizing photos but I can't for the life of me find it again. Can anyone help with a steer to free utility?

Ron Stringer
6th February 2009, 17:59

Try this

Richard Green
6th February 2009, 19:36
Thanks Ron. I'll try VSO and post the photos...