BP Apprentices newsletters

Graham Wallace
7th February 2009, 02:03
I have a number of Apprentices' Newsletters ,Engineering Training Section 1955,1956 and 1957. I believe BP consolidated the Engineering and Navigating Apprentices into one issue called (surprisingly so) The Apprentices' News Letter. I have copies of these,1959,1960,1961,1962,1963 and 1964.
By far the neatest of their cover is on the 1959 issue front and back. I have attempted to add them both to this thread (not easy if they are large, I reduced them down and will see what the quality is like).

There are no prizes for getting the Company names correct, I had never heard of a few of them.

I'll come up with the correct list in a while.

I'm always on the lookout for more of these newsletters, I glean a lot of information from them. If there is anybody who has copies and would donate them ,or loan them to me for copying I would be most appreciative


7th February 2009, 04:35
Hello Graham
on the first attached thumb bottom caption.(black funnel yellow band etc )

next thumbnail, second funnel (yellow green BP motif N T ) and bottom funnels ( black with blue band on yellow band etc MIL) what BP division / company did they belong to and address if possible, many thanks

7th February 2009, 11:27
The colours have clearly faded with time. Some of what we see now as blue was originally green. Taking the companies in the order you have listed them:
Societe Maritime Des Petroles BP, originally Association Petroliere of 1921. 75-77 Rue de Tocqueville, Paris, France.
Nordic Tankships A/S, Denmark. Founded by A/S Det Ostasiatiske Kompagni to take over the contracts from, and operate the ships on guaranteed contract to the BP Tanker Co. Ltd. Holburgsgade 2, Copenhagen K, Denmark.
MIL Tankrederi A/S, Oslo. Founded in 1957. Fred Olsensgt 5, Oslo, Norway
Hope that helps,

7th February 2009, 11:36
Many thanks for your very kind important information (colours ) which has been alloted to each funnel, as you may gather its my hobby I have coming up to 4,000, funnel captions any shipsnostagia member requiring info or caption for personnel use is warmly welcome, once again many thanks