12th February 2009, 17:02
has anyone a photo of the olivebank , bought by bank line in1990.
she was completed in 1977 as the nara for chargeurs reunis.
she was sold to breakers in 1999.
many thanks, soapy.

Bruce Carson
12th February 2009, 17:31
Soapy--there are various Olivebanks at the following site.
With any luck, one will fit the bill:

12th February 2009, 22:37
hi bruce,
sorry but the ship i'm looking for is much newer part containervessel.
in merchant fleets no41 there is the above info but no diagram.
thanks for trying,soapy.

Alistair Macnab
15th February 2009, 18:16
Whilst someone is looking for a photograph of "Olivebank"(4) ex-"Nara" perhaps some other informed gentleman could tell me what she was bought/chartered for? Was she put on the Bank-Ellerman South Africa- Arabian Gulf service? I believe also there was a bought/chartered ship called the "Ettrickbank". What service was she assigned to? All this would be in the 1980s and these ships were never seen in the U.S.

19th February 2009, 22:03
further to my post of a few days ago, ref:"Olivebank"(4).
1986-taken on charter by A.Weir renamed "marabank" forU.S./S,A.
1987-sold to greek owners.
19879-renamed "rickmers nanjing" on charter to DAL.
1990-purchased by Charmian shipping inc, panama renamed "Olivebank" for
SafBank service &USA east coast-East Africa.

Alistair Macnab
24th February 2009, 15:39
Thank you, Soapy. Are you a pal of Oor Wullie, Fat Bob and Wee Eck?
Seriously though, now that you mention it, the "Olivebank" did show up in the USA but not in the Gulf. mFor a while there was a combined Safbank/Safmarine/Mediterranean Shipping service off the USA East Coast to and from the Capetown - Beira range.
One or two other charters were on the UK/U.S.Gulf service, mainly "T"s - "Testbank", "Tielbank" etc. but there was a chartered shuip called the "Ettrickbank" that has been mentioned only once or twice and I don't know what run she was put on or what sort of ship she was. I am interested only because I sailed on the original "Ettrickbank" (built 1937) and when I was on her, she had the longest name in the fleet! Also the most difficult morse name to send: e.t.t looking a lot like a slow w.

25th February 2009, 20:34
seem's as if i've drawn a blank with this thread.
it was just a bit of curiosity as to what she looked like.
thanks to all for trying.

Alan Rawlinson
26th February 2009, 07:07
Hallo Soapy,

Have you tried www.photoship.com? There is a Nara 3 there which probably fits the bill. Also a big selection of Olivebanks - all previous ones, I believe.

It's a great site, but subject to wrong captions, which makes it more fun!