Long distance tow 1963, Gull and Loyalty

Graham Wallace
13th February 2009, 01:19
I saw a thread back in March 2007 commenting on the Builder being towed back to Sunderland from Australia.

I was reading through those Apprentices newsletters I mentioned in a thread a few days ago and came across an article about the tow in 1963.

The article was written by AE Mann a Navigating Apprentice on the Gull describing the tow which started on 22 June where the Loyalty was anchored at the Shatt al Arab (with a broken crankshaft) and was completed on 18th August at the Nab Tower, a 7000 mile tow. Tugs Workman and Headman then took her to Doxford's in Sunderland where the repairs were to be carried out.

Towing speed was 3/5 knots depending upon conditions and hove to at times. Towing cable length 260/305 fathoms, varing depending upon shipping lanes. They went though the Canal, needless to say tugs moved her through. No mention of what crew remained on the Loyalty for the towing duration.

Evidently a pretty unevenfull time and completed successfully. 64 RPM or less would have been interesting for those down below.

OK stupid question, but where exactly is the Nab Tower?, be gentle remember I'm an Engineer

To complete the story, I have a November/December 1963 Drydock list indicating the Loyalty went back into service then. Full crew list indicates Skipper FG Hitchcock, C/E D McGowan.
Both Gull and Loyalty had left drydock just a year earlier in April 1962


13th February 2009, 10:01
Hi Graham

All the info on the Nab Tower (Solent) is here....