Search for Capt. H. Pratt

Dennis K. Pollard
15th February 2009, 20:38
The subject Capt. Pratt was with L & H in the 1950's.
Some years ago I was given a log book which he used at that time and a recent office clearout unearthed this piece of personal artefact and because of the nature of its contents I believe it should be returned to him, or, if deceased, his family.
There is a bookmark inside the front cover giving his private address in Heswall, Cheshire (full details withheld pending response to this thread).
If anybody could throw some light on the good captain I would be most gratefull.

Dennis K. Pollard

15th February 2009, 21:21

I have looked in our local telephone book for the Wirral and at present there is no mention of an H. Pratt in the Heswall area or indeed on the Wirral. It may be that he has passed on or moved.

I am afriad Captain Pratt was not with L+H when I joined.

It might be worth your while in writing to either the Wirral News or Wirral Globe or both, which are our local newspaper publications and seek their help which I am sure they will give, the addresses are as follows :-

Wirral News
Wirral News Newsdesk - 76 Hamilton Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 5AN
Tel: 0151 647 7111
E Mail --

Wirral Globe
Wirral Globe
Haymarket Court
Hinson St, Birkenhead, CH41 5BX
0151 906 3000

Kind regards and good luck,


non descript
15th February 2009, 21:25
Nice reply Chris ... well done Sir (Thumb)

15th February 2009, 21:28
Thanks Mark, (Thumb)

I found some relatives in Canada by seeking the help of the local press in Halifax, Nova Scotia and hopefully it may work in this case. It is possible that his relatives still live in or around Heswall. Hope so anyway.


Dennis K. Pollard
25th February 2009, 21:41
Thanks Chris for your valued efforts.
I will try an approach to the local press as you suggest - just hope it goes further than the rather 'frosty' reaction I got from the Liverpool Echo some years ago when I dropped into their offices whilst on a rare visit to the port to sample the Mersey Ferry tour around the port complex (fond memories of going through Gladstone dock in my Blue Flu days).
The possibility of a Canadian connection I will leave until I have had something from the Wirral papers.
The only other thought I had was if he took a L & H company pension on retirement there should be a record of his status. Do you have any info. regarding how that company 's pensioners are dealt with i.e. probably via an administration coy. or insurance outfit ?
I did check with the current admin. people who deal with the old M.N.O.P.F.
but they confirmed there was no one by that name in the records.
Finally, the M.N Association suggest an approach to the Blue Funnel Line since there was historicaly a Holt family connection.
If all fails I will offer this peice of artefact to the Merseyside Maritime Museum - unless of course L & H have their own museum !

25th February 2009, 23:16
one of the same name was with bolton s/s co 1960/s from that reigion i belive

Dennis K. Pollard
8th November 2013, 21:27
one of the same name was with bolton s/s co 1960/s from that reigion i belive

After emailing you via S/N I picked up your comment regarding Capt. Pratt's possible move to Bolton S.S.Co. - will persue further - Thanks

19th November 2013, 16:19
Could be worth trying and try their extensive forum. Glyn.