Model Trawlers

13th August 2005, 18:38
anyone who is interested have a look at me brother in laws web page P.S he only has one hand lost it 3rd trip to sea but carried on his career at sea as cook

13th August 2005, 19:50
Interesting site, good models.

14th August 2005, 15:22
What a talent, great models. Trawler cooks turned out great food while doing 360 degree loop the loops - thanks for the "shackles", yum yum.

A trawler cook taught me to fillet fish and emphasised the importance of a very sharp knife. Oh well, nine and a half fingers is ok, I suppose!

John T.

Carlos Mariano
20th November 2007, 10:40
Hello ,my name is C.Mariano Im a Portuguese amateur boat modeler.
At this moment Im building a model Trawler of the year 1910 ,and Im looking for details such as Well-house views,kitchen ,sailor acomodations , and some interesting detail to build my model .
Can you help-me on that search.

Here some fotos on this site

I shall be greatfull

My email

20th November 2007, 13:57

I have just looked at your photos on the web site you gave, and your workmanship is just truly outstanding, and so beautiful.fantastic workmanship and devotion to detailing, I have not seen such wonderful modeling in many a year. Many thanks for sharing it with us all.

Perhaps you could post some of the photos on our own gallery and show us what real model engineering is all wishes, neil.

14th December 2007, 12:03
What can one say when faced with such an outstandingly detailed model as to look like the real thing. Truly wonderful and an outstanding example of what it is possible to achieve.