Port Adelaide

24th February 2009, 11:18
While on an attic rumage I came across a photograh of myself taken onboard
the Adelaide after winning the Auckland football shield. I was a deckboy and played leftwing. I do not have a date but remember winning the shield twice
late 68 and early 69. Now then on my wrist is a watch a Bernex known at the time as a Port Line watch. So after another rumage through the wifes box of bling there it was, some 30 years after seeing the light of day a quick shake and away it went. Who else has thier Port Line watch. Thanks to BIG Donald
last seen as Bosun on the Caroline in Auckland in 71,I think. He got me to buy the watch and I paid 10 pounds sterling for it in 68 and two & sixpence customs tax on return to the UK, it still keeps very good time. It brings back
lots of happy memories and names , hippy Eddy Cahill and the geordi twins
Harry ? and Dennis Lamb not really twins twins just shipped out together.

11th March 2009, 11:13
Got my first Bernex on the Port Nic in 1966
gave up the ghost last year