B. of T. Wreck report Cairnavon 1925

7th March 2009, 15:18
I am researching family members who sailed with Cairn Line up to the
1930s and who might have been deck officers on the Cairnavon and Cairntorr, when they ran aground and wrecked in1925 (Buchan Ness, Scotland) and 1928 (Gulf of St Lawrence) respectively

Ultimately I hope to find crew lists, but in the meantime my interest has been centred on the Board of Trade investigations and reports on the wrecks.
I found the full report ( 5 pages) re Cairntorr in the excellent Website "Portcities" a link from the Southampton City Council. The list of wreck reports probably amounts to hundreds and I understand that the list is constantly being added to. However, and unfortunately in my case, the report for Cairnavon has not yet been included .

I would like to ask if anyone would know of another website I could try which might bring forth a positive result. I might add that I have already tried many without success but albeit on a somewhat random basis. There must be thousands of them!

Thank you


8th March 2009, 18:04

Sometimes The Times reported on wreck investigations but, at a quick glance, I wasn't able to find one for the Cairnavon. Just this brief report.

The Times, Monday, Nov 02, 1925
Casualty Reports
(From Lloyd's)

Peterhead, Nov. 1.- British s. CAIRNAVON grounded
this morning south of Buchanness. She is in a very
dangerous position. Crew of 48 saved by cliff ladder.
Full of water in Nos. 1 and 6 holds, also engine room.
Later.- CAIRNAVON abandoned. A later telegram from
Lloyd's Agent at Aberdeen states:- CAIRNAVON has
become a total wreck. Back broken.


8th March 2009, 18:42
Cairnavon official No 145487 The last crew agreement and ships log for 1925 doesn’t seem to have survived in the TNA or the MUN ( They do exist in the MUN for the years 1922 /1923/1924.)

Cairntorr Official no 145505 the last crew agreement and ships log for 1928 should be in the MUN Newfoundland Canada, ( They do exist in the MUN for the other years also 1924 /1926/1928.)



10th March 2009, 09:58
Many thanks, Ray and Martin for your replies. Researching isn't a straightforward op. is it...frustrating possibly but obsessive certainly.!!

I am just getting down to exploring the MUN in Newfoundland but not with much success so far. It is a remarkable organisation : I read somewhere that sometime ago archives of British maritime records were to be dumped and that a party of academics at the University of Newfoundland stepped in and salvaged them.

Re Cairnavon, I have a short newspaper report from one newspaper but of much greater interest a report from another unfolding the story of the shipwreck and how a young passenger, with members of crew, clambered down onto rocks and thence up a sheer rock face to safety .

Thank you again