Rossetti (I) - 1900

10th March 2009, 00:31
My grandfather was master of the original Rosetti on her last voyage. She was launched in 1900 and scrapped in 1929. he was killed in an accident on board whilst docked in Rio Grande Do Sul in Brazil, He was Captain Robert Roberts of the Lamport & Holt Line.


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10th March 2009, 08:42
Firstly on the occasion of your first posting, a warm welcome to the Site, I hope you enjoy your time with us.

I am sorry that your grandfather died in such tragic circumstances and so far from home, such things are very sad for the family.

Secondly I have taken the liberty of moving you post to its own thread, starting a fresh one named after the original Rossetti of 1900

Hopefully others will be able to add their comments and memories of your grandfather’s ship

10th March 2009, 13:42

Many thanks for starting a new thread, and for your thoughtful comments.


10th March 2009, 15:04
The official No for the Rossetti is 113401 Built 1900

The crew agreements and ships log if they have survived should be in the MUN Newfoundland Canada

There are a couple in the TNA Kew in BT 99 & BT 165/1625

The ships log should have an account of the death


10th March 2009, 21:07
Thank you Ray. I will follow up when I have a chance to go through some family material I have in the loft. I think there may be a photograph of the ship in there somewhere. I also might be able to find out how long my grandfather was skipper of this vessel. I think he gained his masters ticket in 1892.


15th March 2009, 16:33
Firstly I must correct a spelling mistake.* The ship's name is spelt "Rossetti".I have found a picture of the vessel at: