Ark Royal

Tony Crompton
18th August 2005, 08:03
I have just posted some pix of the Ark Royal taken 18 months ago on the Tyne.

I found it very sad on reading Ships Monthly" ( Sept. page 9) that such a fine ship had to be towed by Norwegian tugs from Portsmouth to the Clyde.

I suppose however that, as a Taxpayer ,I should not complain.

Tony Crompton

Tony Crompton
18th August 2005, 08:50
[ Portsmouth to the Clyde.]

Hope I know more about ships than I do about Scotland!!!

Should of course have been the Forth.

Tony C

fred henderson
18th August 2005, 12:54
Ever since they were built the three Invincible class have been on an operational rota in peace time. One is in service, one in 30 days ready reserve, and one in reserve. There have never been sufficient sea going staff or aircraft for any other arrangement. The reserve ship is towed to Rosyth, where she is refitted and equipment upgraded before she replaces the operational ship. In this way the operational ship always has the latest kit on board.