Some Youtube offshore links

samuel j
12th March 2009, 00:16

14th March 2009, 01:28
Very excited voices when it was - for those of us on the voats - just another day!

Good vids, Sam J!


14th March 2009, 01:51
Are the numbers for setting the containers on ? never seen numbers on the deck like that? looks like a good idea for the crane op.
Thanks for posting them Sam

all the best

19th June 2009, 21:36
First link excellent,

my U Tube has related videos in following order

Off-Shore boat alongside,
Rough moments on high seas,
Monster Seas,
2 hot girls in the shower.

Like I said, excellent.


5th May 2010, 21:11
The numbers are normally indicative of a cheapo outfit, also the wrods Safety First on the back on the accommodation usually imply that the opposite is the case!! Some charterers insist on the numbers but they're a pet hate of mine.