Stolt Tudor (tudor Prince)

17th March 2009, 17:41
This fine old vessel appears not to be mentioned in the Houlders forum. I sailed in her for two trips in 1972/73, with a dry-dock in Genoa in between voyages. Flew out to Houston to join her, this was to be the first time I heard " Its the ship with the Superman sign on the smoke-stack". After running around the U.S.A. for several months it certainly wasn,t the last. I,ve got some very happy memories of her including catching the shark off Savanah, and all the crew eating it except Captain Mulligan, who seemed to think we,d all be poisoned ( with my cooking skills!!) Also trying with success to get a rather large xmas tree into a taxi in Plaquemine. Peter the pumpman was a real character, Jerry Lees was skipper for the second trip or was it the first!! Ray Brodigan 2nd cook, Phil (mr Birmingham) ERS Phil Costello engineer, C C Knott and Eddie Calmeyer were ABs. 3rd Mate was from the Isle of Man, not forgetting the Ch/Stwd Eric Wiseman... Oh Happy Days....

Keltic Star
19th March 2009, 06:33
Was on the maiden voyage of the Tudor Prince, ex Doxfords yard in 1961. Chartered to BP on the punishment run; Abadan to Cochin, Colombo, Madras and Budge Budge. She was an absolute workhorse due to poor shipyard finishing and the run only made the problems worse. She had the new J type Doxford installed and after six months in service she blew a load of bearings resulting in a slow speed trip home for repairs. Most of the crew were happy to see the back of her including myself.