Stevenson's 'Equator'

Bruce Carson
20th August 2005, 14:45
By the time most members read this item the article in the newspaper may have bween removed form the online edition, but I thought I'd post the following.

An interesting and rather sad item in today's 'Scotsman".

Bruce C.

20th August 2005, 15:36
Recently went to Samoa and climbed the hill where RLS and Fanny are buried and placed a few flowers on their grave. His house is bottom of hill and still in use today, unlike the "Equator" mentioned above.

20th August 2005, 15:56
As you say this is a fascinating but sad story. It would be great if all these historical vessels could be preserved but, sadly, few will. I am beginning to think it would be better just to let them go and keep their memories alive in some other way reather than watch them just rot away like this.

Ray Charlton