British Peer

20th March 2009, 16:09
I am looking for details about a BP Tanker British Peer. The photo on photoship shows a more modern one than the one I'm looking for possiblly
built in the First world war?

regards to all

fred henderson
20th March 2009, 16:38
A warm welcome Richard.
The first British Peer was built by Armstrong Whitworth, Newcastle in 1908 as the Carpathian for The Patroleum Steamship Co Ltd. That company was acquired by Anglo-Persian Oil Co (British Tanker Co Ltd) in 1917 and the ship was renamed British Peer. She was sold to INCSA, Italy in 1930 and renamed Tampicompany. She was seriously damaged by a torpedo in 1941 and scrapped after the war.

Fred (Thumb)

K urgess
20th March 2009, 17:17
I've moved your post into the BP shipping forum and retitled it for a better response, Richard.
Looks like you've had some help already.

20th March 2009, 17:50
The 2nd Br Peer was built by Lithgows ltd Glasgow in 1951 and sent for demolition in 1963.She was an Ocean going Tanker of 12250 tons.
I don,t believe there was a No.3 so your photo is probably this one

20th March 2009, 21:13
I'm sure Fred has specified the ship you are looking for Richard, there were indeed only two with that name in the history of the British Tanker Co. (BP Tanker Co. post 1.6.1956). A few more details for you:
Official Number 125715, Launched 18.5.1908 as Carpathian and completed in July of that year by Armstrong Whitworth & Co. Ltd., Low Walker, Yard number 802. Owners Petroleum S.S. Co. Ltd. (Lane & MacAndrew appointed managers), London. 7,140 DWT, 4,900 GRT, 3,087 NET. 385' 0" LBP, 51' 0" Breadth, 33' 8" Moulded Depth. Triple expansion steam engine (26", 44" & 72" x 48") driving a single screw shaft built by the Wallsend Slipway Company Ltd., Newcastle, 2,125 hp service speed 10 knots.
June 1917 Owners aquired by the British Tanker Co. Ltd., London, vessel renamed British Peer.
13.1.1930 Sold to Imprese Navale Commercial Societa Anonima (I.N.C.S.A.), Genoa renamed Tampicompany.
3.11.1941 Torpedoed and seriously damaged in the Doro Channel. Found at Venice in September 1945 with no engine and part of her superstructure missing. Eventually demolished in 1947.
Hope that's of interest,

Bruce Carson
20th March 2009, 21:46
A small point and I could be wrong, but more than one reference I see show her as being renamed 'Tampico', rather than 'Tampicompany', in 1930.


22nd March 2009, 11:58
Yes, I saw that there are two versions of her second name out there. I got mine from Messers Harvey & Solly's excellent "BP Tankers A Group Fleet History". Miramar lists her as Tampico. A bit more research seems to show that Tampico was, indeed, her correct name. A history from the site "British Submarines of WWII" reveals the following:
HMS Proteus "P" class, Pennant No. N29, Total Crew 50, Completed 23 July 1929 by Vickers Armstrong, Barrow. Scrapped 26 Feb 1946. From 1935 based at Malta, commanded by Lt-Cdr P. S. Francis, DSO, RN.
"3 Nov 1941, torpedoed and damaged the Italian tanker Tampico (4958 GRT) east of Andros Island, Greece, 3753'N, 2430'E. Proteus was depth-charged by the Italian torpedo boats Monzambano and Castelfidardo but managed to escape." My thanks to the authors of the above site for this information.
Thanks also to you Bruce for prompting the additional research. I have left the name unchanged in my original post so as not to make a nonsense of yours and this one.

Bruce Carson
22nd March 2009, 15:01
Thanks, Alastair, for the research.
I relied mainly on 'The World's Mechant Fleets, 1939' by Roger Jordan, which is partially online, courtesy of Google.
Looking for information of all types, I keep bumping into freebies, compliments of Google, the NY Times and others who upload either books or their own files to the internet.
I think an underappreciated endeavor that should receive more public aknowledgement.


22nd March 2009, 15:43
Thanks to for all your help and the interesting info. my uncle was radio officer in the British Peer in the twenties.

regards to all