MV Southsea

21st August 2005, 21:29
Does anyone know where I can find a picture of former Isle of Wight ferry 'MV Southsea' participating in the actual review procession of the Coronation Fleet 1953.

The Southsea and her sister Brading were at the tail end of the procession carrying Admiralty dignataries so the likelihood of there being pictures is remote however if anyone knows anything.....


Steve W

21st August 2005, 22:22
Ahoy Steve,
Here 're both, I hope I've posted the one you wanted, 'cause there is also an older version of the Southsea:
Southsea 1948 (
Old and new: (
Brading 1948 (

22nd August 2005, 19:32
The 'old and new' photo shows one of the new cats which took the place of Southsea and is now under arrest by the MCA. The Southsea nearly lived as long as her replacements!

23rd August 2005, 15:30

Many thanks for your replies regarding MV Southsea, the pictures that I seek have to be of the Ship at the Coronation Review of 1953 whilst she was following the procession. It is unlikely that any exisit but if you hear of anything please let me know.

Take care


23rd August 2005, 15:43
What is the latest news on the I of W cats,2 running, 2tied up?

Paul UK
23rd August 2005, 18:10
I belive they got their tickets back yesterday but rumours are both of the ladies are coming to the end of the road as the other cats are taking over.


Bruce Carson
23rd August 2005, 18:51
A statement from the MCA late last week:

"As of 18.00 hrs today (Friday 19th August 2005), the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) working closely with Wightlink, has received satisfactory documentary evidence from the company that has addressed the MCA's principal concerns regarding the operation of their fast ferries.

A joint decision has been made therefore between Wightlink and the MCA that 'Fast Cat Ryde' and `Fast Cat Shanklin' may resume normal service.

Short term interim certification has been issued to the company and the situation will be monitored closely before a decision is reached regarding full term certification."

Bruce C.

Paul UK
23rd August 2005, 19:44
Sorry my mistake I thought it was the Pamala and Patricia that were in trouble.


23rd August 2005, 23:41
The pamela and Patricia are still under arrest, having no safety certificate. The company got round the detention of the newer cats by shifting their name onto the car ferries' safety certificate. The old cats need a few mods before they can re-enter service, if they ever do! The problem is, the new cats find it difficult to sit alongside Ryde pier in rough weather, hence the reason they kept the old ones. They are beamier and ride the swell better alongside.

Paul UK
24th August 2005, 15:51
Thanks for that I thought I was going mad or just seeing things.

Paul R