Oak 50th reunion

5th April 2009, 21:14
Fifty years ago, Nov 18th 1959, 4 Nav Apps joined the Oak, Ian Tunstal, John Acky Sharples Tony Marshall and Mike Friend. We are planning another reunion sometime this year and looking to find the 2 other Eng Cadets or any others who sailed with us. We have loads of photos and all kept our journals. (we didn't know that those pesky journals would be treasured items now)

Oak was a great ship, lots of decent ports with many good runs ashore. J. H. Thompson was the OldMan and although very stern at first he proved to be a popular Captain with us cadets.

Three Nav Apps went on to serve as 3/O and 2/O, then left the sea for other careers in our mid 20's. John stayed on at sea and was Captain for many years on ships of all types.

So anyone who might be interested please post a reply and we will let you know about the reunion nearer the date.