HullGate Shipping Company

6th April 2009, 08:29
Any information please, is this company still around, I was on the HeatherGate 1962.

6th April 2009, 09:11
No! the company was taken over by Rowbthams and the name was done away with, this in the late seventies

6th April 2009, 09:43
Thanks for that, keep up the good work.

All the best YC

Roger Jordan
6th April 2009, 13:13
Hello youngcornwall

Hull Gates Shipping Co Ltd was taken over by Turnbull, Scott & Co in 1981 and soldiered on for a few years. However, the slow run-down of its new parent company (Turnbull, Scott) also saw its fleet gradually disappear, with some of its vessels being managed latterly by Rowbotham Tankships. The last year in which the company appeared in shipping directories as a separate concern was 1988.


gil mayes
6th April 2009, 16:38
Turnbull, Scott sold Hull Gates to Rowbotham in 1982 along with Hull Gates Management and S. F. Craggs. As Andrew Huckett states in his book, "Rowbotham", three fully owned, two bareboat and four managed were transferred.