Farstad History

12th April 2009, 17:00
Just received an interesting present from the company i am presently working for,gives all the relevant history on how they started,build up,takeovers and present day(2008).Mostly from the Norwegian side of things but interesting.Will put ISBN number of book onto the site once i've finished reading it.(Thumb)

Nick Balls
12th April 2009, 17:29
Is the famous Mrs Wilson still in personnel over there ?

12th April 2009, 19:26
yes she is and there is even a group photo of all the aberdeen office!

13th April 2009, 18:38
for those seadogs that may be interested in it,the ISBN number for the book is 978-82-997931-1-7.Not to bad a read but it gives a general inside view on how the company started as Farstad in 1956 up to 2006.

frank sinclair
4th July 2009, 16:30
Hi Nick, the famous Mrs Wilson (Helen) retired last week (26/6/09)

7th July 2009, 20:35
away to Australia for a bit of peace,will be interesting to see if why obee kenroby will do a good a job as Helen did!