Logging off

Bob S
26th August 2005, 14:43
For the past week or so, when I log off I get:

"An error occurred while attempting to log you out. Click here to log out"

I click on "click here" above and log out OK.

Is there a problem?

26th August 2005, 15:07
Same problem,thats the first time I have logged out, to see if I had your problem, I always click the red "x" box, never had trouble that way.
Time the anoraks got working.

26th August 2005, 16:37
Hear- Hear

Alan Hill
26th August 2005, 16:57
I have the same logging out problem routinely. Alan Hill Bridgeport, Pa. USA

Bob S
6th September 2005, 14:25
For the past week or so, when I log off I get:

"An error occurred while attempting to log you out. Click here to log out"

I click on "click here" above and log out OK.

Is there a problem?

Still happens every time I log off?

6th September 2005, 14:29
CLICK THE TOP rh "x", easy way out. this problem has been hanging around now for too long.

8th September 2005, 23:30
Thanks for bringing this to our attention guys.

The link in the navbar at the very top of every page should work fine - it's the top right one when you're logged in, next to chat.

The gallery link wasn't working, and the navbar there was just a duplicate of the top one so that has now been tidied up and brought in line with the rest of the site. If there are any other logout links that don't work, please pm me or let me know here and I'll fix them up as soon as possible.


2nd May 2006, 08:08
Same here


2nd May 2006, 09:34
I get it sometimes.. the logging-out probs , that is.. (*))
When I open up next time....it appears that I'm still online bfore I've entered my details.... otherwise I find the machinery on the site "fair dinkum".

2nd May 2006, 15:08
I have always had that message when i log off Bob

Ron Stringer
2nd May 2006, 15:21
If I log off by first selecting 'Main Page' and then 'Log Out' on the navbar I get a pop-up asking if I want to log off (Y/N). Selecting 'Yes' produces an error message and confirming that I do want to log off in response to that message then results in a request to identify the page to which I want to return at log on. Then everything logs off OK and all the posts that have been viewed do not reappear when I log back on, only the unread posts are listed.

Using the same log off procedure from any page other than the Main Page does not achieve the same end results; either I remain logged in, or I am logged out but on re-entry, when I select 'View New Posts', I am presented with a list of all posts received since I last logged off from the 'Main Page'. That is, even those posts that have already been viewed are presented in bold type as if they were unread.

Not critical, I can live with it!


jim barnes
2nd May 2006, 16:07
maybe i am wrong but i never log off this site..usually go some where else or switch off ? when i have logged of by mistake i have had to request my pass word to get back again???? Dumb or what? (Night)

Bruce Carson
2nd May 2006, 16:44
You got it, Jim.
All I do is put a shortcut to the Main Page on my taskbar.
When I want Ships Nostalgia, I click it and I'm right there with no sign in.
Then I'm through, I click the "x" on the top right corner to quit or Google from the taskbar to get to another site.
No fuss, no muss, no bother.

Bruce C.

Liverpool Lou
2nd May 2006, 16:55
just had same problem as jim.reset some of my settings on computer and ended up logged out. had to reqest new password, you guessed, forgot mine. but alls well that ends well

2nd May 2006, 18:05
I donít seem to have trouble logging off, only trouble is when I log on, followed by the words, HOW LONG YOU GONNA BE ON THAT, Iíve got exams to do?


2nd May 2006, 18:25
I copy Bruce so signing on is no problem but I have the same logging off message. "error in etc etc" but it's no big deal just an extra click.

8th May 2006, 02:19
I follow BC's procedure & have never had any trouble.Seem to remember when I first joined SN there was some discussion on this subject & it was pointed out that not logging out saved the hastle of getting back in which saves a lot of time when one extensively uses site. Kiwi