Matadi Palm

11th April 2004, 20:52
Shows the Matadi Palm during 1983-1986 when it was on charter in Nigeria to carry fuel for the power station in Lagos.
It was called the "Matadi" during this period, and the Palm Line emblem was removed from the funnel.

18th February 2007, 18:49
I was a third mate (uncertified in those days) on Matadi Palm, many happy memories but I wasn't around when it became the Matadi. I remember cold winters in Europe when we entered the tanks to puddle the last of the oil, stepping over steam pipes and slipping about. It was quite a challenge, and there were many good friends that I have never seen since I wonder where they all went.

18th February 2007, 19:10
Was on the old "Matadi Palm" in 1957 and they did puddling then so I thought they might have gotten a better method after all that time!!

19th February 2007, 12:51
When Elder Dempster bought the Palm Line name the remaining Palm Line vessels were transferred to a new company, UAC International Ltd., and dropped the word Palm from their names. The new funnel was as seen in the pictures of "Matadi" but I'd like to know what the new house flag was. Did it match the funnel colours?

22nd February 2007, 01:40
Doesn't look right without the Palm Tree!!

Keith Adams
22nd February 2007, 20:17
According to PALM LINE by Laurence Dunn & P.M.Heaton confirms the 1986
handover of the five surviving ships to UAC and added three interesting paragraphs..."However, later in 1986 Ocean Transport and Trading PLC who now owned the Palm Line title, renamed their 16,031 gross ton motorship MENESTHEUS as the APAPA PALM (3) and dispatched her in the West African Trade, initially and for a short period only, in Palm Line livery. This arrangement continued until 1989 when she was sold."
"Ocean Transport & Trading decided to withdraw altogether from the West
African trade, snd in March,1989 disposed of Elder Dempster Lines, the
Guinea Gulf Line and the Palm Line titles together with their trading rights,
but with no ships, to the giant French company - Delmas Vieljeux."
So I assume the house flag last flew in 1959 on the "Apapa Palm" (3). Snowy

Keith Adams
22nd February 2007, 20:20
Sorry... the year date should read 1989... thanks Snowy

jack moncrieff
28th May 2016, 14:42
I was an AB on the new Matadi Palm when we went to New Orleans.
Jack Moncrieff and John Duncan both from Aberdeen

28th May 2016, 15:58
Once saw the MENESHEUS (CMB ESPIRIT charter)ex.APAPA PALM,where the lads made good use of the funnel emblem as swiming pool features making it rather tropical.(Hippy)

jack moncrieff
28th May 2016, 18:14
I was also AB on the Katsina Palm with mainly Geordie crew, a great ship and crew. We were on the express run to Apapa.

28th May 2016, 19:08
Sailed on Katsina Palm on maiden voyage 1957 as 3rd mate.
Wow that was a long time ago!!!

28th May 2016, 23:10

jack moncrieff
30th May 2016, 14:39
Seeing the photoe of Matadie Palm brings back memories. I remember having to clean out the tanks three times in New Orleans before they were passed inspection by shore side to be loaded.

Jack Moncrieff