South Shields Matrimonial College

Skye Sierra
20th April 2009, 16:24
Reading Mike Allan's post #28 in the 'If I had my time again' thread set me to wondering.............................

Over the years how many on this site met their partner and married as a result of sitting for tickets or attending nautical courses at the South Shields Marine & Technical College?

I'll be the first to put me hand up



20th April 2009, 17:37
Yup, me too. Met her at the "Yellow Welly" in Westoe. "Yellow Welly" transcribes to "The Golden Slipper", later to become "The Hedworth"
30 something years ago

20th April 2009, 17:40
Not me. But how many of you who did fall for the fatal charms also ended up living up there, not too far from her Mam?

Nick Balls
20th April 2009, 18:01
No. But my wife was the VHF voice at the coastguard down at G Yarmouth at one time.

K urgess
20th April 2009, 19:23
Not quite but my electronics ticket at Saudi Shields and getting home each weekend made sure the Memsahib's claws got a good grip.
We got married in 1975 a year after I finished at Martec.
Still going strong.

21st April 2009, 08:38
Don't suppose it counts, lived 10 minute walk from the Marine & Tech, took my tickets there and married a good Geordie lass. Difference is I then moved 'darn sarf' to live. Back to front !


21st April 2009, 09:12
I met one there that I should have married!!

peter drake
22nd April 2009, 21:29
I met one there that I'm b----y glad I didn't

Ian Bunting
1st February 2016, 18:51
I sat my Chiefs part A in 1978 and also met my wife to be in the Beacon at Law top. We married in 1979 and although I'm from Derbyshire we've been in or around Shields since!!