Juan de Basagoiti
26th April 2009, 09:46
Is there anyone out there who might shed info on the latest? design of tugboat? I believe it is designed to work in confined waterways,i.e. narrow docks or shipyards, perhaps in Holland. I've seen a short video somewhere showing the vessel's capabilities, literally dancing in the waves! I have thought to make a model of same and 'shunt' our local club's efforts into 'dock'.!!!! D:))>

Steve Woodward
26th April 2009, 16:04
Hi Juan,
I think you may be looking for information on the Rotor Tug - CLICK HERE (http://www.rotortug.com/downloads/its_paper_2000.pdf)

Juan de Basagoiti
27th April 2009, 08:20
Thanks Steve,I now have a problem with 'Acrobat' download which I'll get sorted shortly. Hopefully, the info will be what I need! Many thanks. Juan