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Ian J. Huckin
29th April 2009, 17:53

I just bought a scanner and am starting to get as much as I have here in Kodiak down on disc. Came across this one, it is on Roman Reefer with Capo Verde crew...good guys everyone. That is Brian my Scottish mechanic in the back. My three kids are Christopher, David and Sally.

I am thinking that with what I have here and then what is back at the ranch that I probably have 250 Boltons related pictures.

If you are after anything specific let me know. I have 52 Boltons ship pictures on file now, including the ferries they operated.

Still waiting for the other pictures to be sent. My daughter says she cannot find them....Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!


Baltic Wal
29th April 2009, 18:30
Punishment was hard as an Apprentice in the early 60's, knew I shouldn't have put that marble in the Mates ducting.

Taken on the Rievaulx in 1961 while holystoning the bridge wing deck

Ian J. Huckin
29th April 2009, 20:21
Punishment was hard as an Apprentice in the early 60's, knew I shouldn't have put that marble in the Mates ducting.

Taken on the Rievaulx in 1961 while holystoning the bridge wing deck

Great picture indeed...happy days eh?

On joining Rievaulx, first trip, the Geordie 2/E asked the other Eng App, (Tiny Tate) where he was from, Tiny said something like "way eye Geordie mun wahs from Marsden hinie). The seconds face lit up then he asked me where I was from...I said something like..."I am from Southampton Sir". The sec. put his arm around Tiny and told him he was O.K. then he looked at me and said "you, you little bastard you had better watch out because I'm going to make your life hell"....and he did.

The 1st picture attached is smoko on Rievaulx, top to bottom:

Me - Eng App
Thomas Oliver James Alphonso Gibson - 3/E
Lloyd Housley - 4/E
Taff - J/E

Second pic is Beer o'clock on Rievaulx, L to R:

Dave Spellman - 3/O
Sammy Sandvid - C/E
Trevor Kenny - J/E

Ian J. Huckin
29th April 2009, 22:14
Some more pictures I just tracked down.

1..Float out day for Nosira Lin. Sharon was then moved across, emptied the dock and then laid the keel for Madelaine. Reason for moving across was that the right hand half of the dock was shorter....don't ask me why but it's probably because it is a British yard.

2..Heading down river minus the bow because even the "long" left hand side of the building dock was too short...comments as per No.1 above...Minus cranes and funnel to get under bridges.

3..Bow was fitted later...and a bloody old fashioned ugly one it was too. Not at all like the Temse built 'R' boats...fabulous style and quality.

More to come...


Ian J. Huckin
7th May 2009, 17:13
Hello everybody. I will attempt to post six Boltons related pictures each day, there are a lot.

This first bunch will be mainly the ships and no doubt may well duplicate what you already have. However, if/when my daughter gets the rest of my pictures to me there will be a lot of people and places themes.

To easily find the pictures across the different groups they will be posted in use the keyword "Boltons" and it will suck them out....

Hope you enjoy.

By the way, I am always working on building up the Boltons picture history for eventual compilation as a photographic record of the Company. So, share your pictures here or on Flickr etc.

Thanks all....


10th May 2009, 11:47
Anyone around that did the trip to Sydney on the Reynolds in 1982. We were supposed to be loading coal at Newcastle, but because so many ship were waiting at anchor we were sent to Sydney. Anchored off for three weeks no run ashore. Eventually went on a lay by berth for two weeks. We were alongside for the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Harbour bridge and Argentina invaded the Falklands.

Had two brilliant photos of the ship going past the Opera House and under the bridge, unfortunately no longer have them. Gave one to a girl I met there and the other lost with time and only have this small jpg. Anyone still got a copy.

Ian J. Huckin
13th May 2009, 16:26
Still a nice picture though.

I am having trouble with Copyrights on a lot of the pictures I have so am building a web-site I can link you all to, that way you get to see the pictures without me causing any problems for SN

I will continue to post my own Boltons pictures though, just real busy right now. See ya'll back here soon....Ian

Ian J. Huckin
20th May 2009, 20:02
Just received 6 boxes of pictures covering 26 years at sea....many many many Bolton's pics. Thing is I just took up new employment out here and have to drive from Kodiak, Alaska to Ozark, Arkansas about 4300 miles via Wisconsin as I will check in on the ranch and also see how my buddies are doing. I expect I am going to be out of circulation until about the middle of June.

Be patient, I promise it will be worth it. The web site is coming along too..just masses to do plus the salmon are starting to run....(unusual because most fish swim!!!!(Jester) )

Best to all for now,


victor wroth
25th May 2009, 22:56
Hello everyone!

Something from just after 1066 ( 1947 actually). Joined Reynolds ( ex Samcebu) in London KGV for voyage Torreveja, far east Japan (various ports) ,Hong Kong, singapore, ceylon as was, sydney,Newcastle NSW. Captain B.F.R Thomas ex torpedoed survivor from SS Ramsey, (40 lost) first mate Mr MacGowan. She had three strengthening steel plates each side of hull to prevent(?) breaking in half but survived many Typhoons and very bad weather. 2nd mate said " I don't like these ships, they're bloody dangerous!" whereupon she hit another sea and bounced up and down as per normal. Boltons looked after us well and I have fond memories of them. Carolling outside Captain Thomas's cabin at christmas we were greeted by " you'd better come in you buggers as I thought you'd be around" then a few hours lamp swinging and medicinal issues of tots. I wonder when captain Thomas " crossed the bar" and where he rests now? A very happy ship.

Vic Wroth

Matt Thomas
5th August 2009, 17:19
My Grandfather was Captain BFR Thomas. He was born in March 1900 and died in November 1966. He went to sea at 16 and left in 1958, when he retired due to ill health. He is buried in Newcastle Emlyn in West Wales where he was born and brought up.

6th August 2009, 11:17
Greetings Matt and a warm welcome to SN, the lads will appreciate the news on Capt; Thomas. Bon voyage.