16th November 2004, 13:32
Ben Line heavy lift vessel taken in Glasgow in 1975. Can/t remember her builders but it was not Connell/s.
Behind is NURJEHAN in the process of being renamed STRATHNEVIS and receiving P&O corporate livery.All the hull painting was done afloat in the King GeorgeV Dock,whether as a cost cutting exercise or not I don/t know!

16th November 2004, 14:35
If i remember BENARTY was built in1963 by Caledon / D Rowan in 1981 she
become KOTA PETANI and with this name was scrapped..

16th November 2004, 19:56
Thanks again-forgot her builders.

wully farquhar
28th August 2005, 13:20
Any body out there remember captain Chas.Donnely.Sailed with him on the Benarty for two trips 1965 (Cloud)

10th October 2005, 23:57
Certainly do the less said the better.

11th October 2005, 00:14
Ahoy Gp,

You're right on that, she was built at Caledon S.B & E Co.Ltd[534]in 03-1963 for E.G. Thomson[Shipping] Ltd.and Managed by Wm.Thomson
Call sign:GKGH
LOA x B X D :155.00 x 20.35 x 8.494
Eng:2SA 6Cy 760x1550 6714kW[9000bhp]Sulzer[D.Rowan & Co.Ltd]

william dillon
11th October 2005, 22:51
Hi Billy,

Tell us more, what is the script regarding Captain C. Donnely ????????????????

12th October 2005, 22:38
You knew him !!!
But the poor man had a
hard time during ww2 . I believe he was in Shangi and had a bad time and believe he was on the Burma Raillway to the Bridge over the River Kwai but he never mentioned it much. He had a lot on his shoulders but kept it to himsef and did not want to talk about it. That may explain some things. There are other stories - but I cannot publicise them . . .
Anyway we could mail privately?

william dillon
16th January 2006, 21:29
You knew him !!!
But the poor man had a
hard time during ww2 . I believe he was in Shangi and had a bad time and believe he was on the Burma Raillway to the Bridge over the River Kwai but he never mentioned it much. He had a lot on his shoulders but kept it to himsef and did not want to talk about it. That may explain some things. There are other stories - but I cannot publicise them . . .
Anyway we could mail privately?

I think that you can send me a private "e" mail via my gallery. (Thumb)

24th June 2006, 00:06
did about six "coasts" on benarty but never voyaged on her .one coast we rammed by lykes boat in the elbe and sank as we entered drydock in hamburg enjoyed every trip on her

24th June 2006, 02:14
Hello Fairfield
Here she is just out of the builders yard.


30th November 2006, 21:18
I was lucky to do the last two voyages before handing her over in singapore,good crowd on her.Derrick Ferrier(blocker), alec guyan (chippy), watty cunningham, billy cooper, taffy bevan ginge white. Had a good six day's in singers before we flew home.

George Simpson
11th April 2010, 12:09
Last night I was talking to a lady in Inverurie her husband was Captain of the Benarty Ian McKay. She told me he drowned in Houston 29yrs ago this week. I told her about this site but alas she is not online. If anyone has any memories of him (good ones please) perhaps you could post them and I will drop them off for her to see also a photo of the ship, she said he loved the Benarty.

11th April 2010, 13:21
I sailed on the Hiant 3/10/77 till 2/12/77 with Ian MacKay as Captain. Joined & payed off in Rotterdam after run up the Lakes.

11th April 2010, 14:10
Ian Mckay was C/O my first 2 trips cadet on Bengloe in 1972/73 - an absolute gentleman. I briefly met Mrs. McKay (Rhona?) in Leith when I paid off my first trip. Ian left in the Far East on my second trip to take command of Benreoch for the homeward passage - I heard a good time was had by all!

ian keyl
12th April 2010, 09:52
Chosan George,

I was only talking about Ian to Archie Watters in Edinburgh when at the BL reunion, I mentioned i had lost contact with Rhona many years ago when i moved and the days before the internet.
If you see Rhona please pass on my regards to ther and family as if she rembers Xmas 1968 in Middlesbrough on the Benledi when i went up town and bought a chrimbo tree then put lights on it and heaved it up to top of main mast and lit it up .We had the highest tree at sea and it was still there when she sailed from London for FE.
Ian was great person and Rhona was a fantastic person for harmonising all the crew along with Ian they would break down barriers.
I sailed with Ian again after that then we had that tragic accident, I was a poll barer at his funeral at Hazelhead in Aberdeen. Ian's ashes were spread over Bennachie in view of his back garden in Inverurie.
I beleave Rhona has moved since.
Best rgds Ian .

George Simpson
16th April 2010, 11:51
Gents I passed on the messages to "Roda" she remembers the Christmas tree up the mast said it was one of the funniest things she had ever seen onboard.
She said to thank you guys for the many happy memories. In the meantime if anyone else posts a message I will make sure she gets a printed copy.


16th April 2010, 19:06
Robb-Caledon in Dundee.

Baroda McKay
18th April 2010, 15:05
Hello. I am Ian MacKay’s granddaughter Victoria. I have just left Inverurie (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) to head back to Edinburgh and my grandmother Baroda was talking very fondly about this forum and how kind George has been by getting her in touch with you all.

I said to my grandmother Baroda (also known as Rodie or Kate whilst onboard) that I would sign up so she can communicate with you all and share her memories of travelling with Ben Line.

We were talking about the Hiant and how she remembers is vividly as it was an incredible voyage. She also mentioned that the crew were not allowed to go to downtown Detriot. Im not sure why, but I think it was possibly a little unsafe.

Also I have heard throughout my life about the Christmas of ’68 as this has been my mother’s (Fiona MacKay, now Napier) favourite memory of Christmas with her dad. I heard about the tree being up the mast. It always sounded fantastic.

My sister (Rebecca) and I have heard so much about our grandad Ian, but please if you have any memories it would mean a lot to us and our family to learn more about him at sea. Never meeting him it would be fantastic to hear more about him. I have heard I have a lot of similarities in my personality as him, which I hope means I am a bit of a character! The stories we have heard about him make me think he was definitely a character.

I will also post some photos I have of Ian MacKay and Rodie MacKay and maybe you might see youself in those photos.

Kindest regards

Baroda McKay
18th April 2010, 15:41
some photos of Ian and Rodie MacKay

john fraser
18th April 2010, 17:39
Victoria. I sailed with your Grandad when he was Chief Officer on the Bengloe,your
Grandmother did a voyage with us.On that voyage a large number of crew members came down with flu and your grandmother tended to them,being a nurse,of course.At the end of the voyage she was presented with a bowl inscribed "Frae ra Boys"Also remember one time in Grangemouth ,your mother and grandmother visited the Bengloe,The cook at the time was a real character and after a few alcoholic beverages,attempted to remove your mothers make-up.Bet she doesn,t remember

Baroda McKay
18th April 2010, 22:25
Dear All,
This is just a very quick message to thank all the people who have posted info about my father,Captain Ian Mackay...I am especially grateful to George Simpson who initiated this for us in the first place. He has made my mum feel so happy as it has rekindled her link to the past ...and a great love for the Merchant Navy life and especially Ben Line. Being the daughter herself of a merchant seaman, she has true naval blood.
My father's tragic accident had almost an overwhelming effect on us all and to be honest one that you never really get hearing from all these names and people who worked with dad has been truly amazing.Thank you all .Fiona Napier(Mackay)

Baroda McKay
18th April 2010, 22:34
Dear John,
Mum says to tell you the bowl which she reckons is Selangese pewter is in the entrance hallway in her flat and used daily to keep the car and house keys!
She also said that on the voyage you wrote about that a member of the crew had to be left behind due to illness...I wll get her down soon, so we can write you a proper reply with all her memories of this particular voyage...I think she was away to pour herself a brandy after I phoned her about the bowl!! ....nothing in life changes!!!

19th April 2010, 11:05
Hi Fiona,

Would love to get back in touch with your mum, I was also a pall barer for your dad. The memories we have are from the Hiant in Dublin Bay & in Dublin as well where we all had a great time. I had just completed two trips up the Great Lakes and we docked in Liverpool and was asked to stay on until the end of discharge which was to be Dublin. My wife and our two children Andrea & Colin joined me for that three or four weeks and while in Dublin your mum & dad very kindly took them away on a bus trip up into the mountains near Dublin. Andrea talks about that bus trip to this day.
Colin I remember was tought by them to play cribbage and how to pull pints !!
Seem to remember last meeting your mum on the road between Ballater & Strathdon.
We are in Inverurie once or twice a month and it would be great to meet up again, we are in the phone-book if your mum would like to give us a call.

Margaret & Gibby B.