Port Pirie

Terry Willcox
1st May 2009, 16:12
Was any of our S.N. friends on the Port Pirie when in fog homeward bound the ship hit the wall at Dover Harbour? I was galley boy, and was cooking porrage when we hit, I think that I was the fastest person to get out of the galley and onto the deck, there were rivets flying everywhere. Good old days.Take care...Terry(Thumb)

2nd June 2009, 07:19
Hi Terry,
I am the grand-daughter of Dave Ellis who was an engineer onboard the Pirie when it hit Dover Harbour wall, also with him was Bill Lacey refridgeration engineer. Dave and Bill are still in contact and live in Rotorua, New Zealand. My grand-father told me about the rivits only today when we were looking at some old photos of the shaft tunnel of the Port Pirie the "haunted ship". 11 engine room staff died on that ship in 18 years, my grand-father remembers you, I believe you came from Faversham, Kent. Please reply.

Kayla Ellis

Terry Willcox
3rd June 2009, 20:26
Hi Kayla. Thanks for getting back to me, and at last someone remembers me ( I look in the mirror to make sure that I am still here ) Your grandfathers name rings a bell, also Bill name, If he is the same person, then he was a good laugh. Yes I came from Faversham, also I lived In Auckland N.Z. now I am back in the U.K. and working as a Chef in Folkestone. I would love to get in touch. Take care.......Terry.

5th June 2009, 09:39
Hey Terry,
No worries, my grand-father said that he remembers you, said you were quite short (as he laughs). Well ever since I was a kid he's been working anywhere and everywhere, at the moment he's working in Queensland, Australia as a Construction Engineer. He's also from Faversham. He would love to get in contact with you, send me a PM for his email address.
I'm sure you both will have alot to talk about.
Take care, thanks for the thread. It brought back alot of memories for him, and its good to see a smile on his face.

26th February 2010, 05:43

If my memory serves, we arrived alongside the seawall around 7.30 in the morning (or close to it) and that was around the middle on November 1964. Some wag fishing off the sea wall nochalantly asked for "2 pints of gold top please" - milk.

I was on watch down below in the E/R - one of two Engineering Cadets.

Something to talk aboout now I am retired and live in Canada.