James Rowan

Bob S
28th August 2005, 15:52
Central Electricity Generating Board’s JAMES ROWAN passing Tilbury during 1969.
Built 1955
2947 grt

Geordie 2
5th November 2006, 14:19
Hi Bob

Wondering if anybody Knows a motorman called "Bob Rossiter" who served on the James Rowan in the 60s&70s

jim heslop
18th February 2008, 06:53
I sailed on the James Rowan in the early sixty and i have still got my wage sheets from that ship

Jim Heslop

18th February 2008, 09:45
the james rowan was the last ship i sailed on early 1961 my last voyage from methil to london where i paid off 5 oclock in the morning through the kindness of the captain after i recieved a message to come home at once i couldnt tell you the name of any member of the crew but it was the end of my career at sea. albert.s.i