Halcyon the Great

Bob S
28th August 2005, 16:03
Court Lines 113543 grt tanker HALCYON THE GREAT under arrest at Tilbury during 1974. If memory serves me correct, she slipped out of Canada unassisted when Court Line failed and returned to the UK.

Bruce Carson
28th August 2005, 17:09
If I remember, she sneaked out of Canada leaving an unpaid bill for bunkers.
Court Lines, I think, after many years of successful operations, tried to expand into the travel business, bit off more than it could chew and went belly up.

Bruce C.

28th August 2005, 17:59
On a Court Line Tristar A/c G-AAAB, we landed in Gander, refuelled and we were waiting for the food to come on board, when the captain said " If we do not leave now we will be impounded as the company owe the airport some money, so I am leaving without the food, so as to get you people back to the UK" Next day Court line went bust in a big way.

william dillon
28th August 2005, 19:50
How the hell do you "sneak" something this size out of Canada ??????

10th August 2008, 19:24
I think I have already put the full story under Court Line previously. I was 2nd Mate on the escape from Canada so my full recollections are on that thread.
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