Apparently the C/E off the British Unity has been lost overboard.

Satanic Mechanic
13th May 2009, 10:01
Apparently the C/E off the British Unity has been lost overboard.

Details very thin though

Don Matheson
13th May 2009, 13:26
Very bad news indeed. Any more information, have heard nothing at all about this.

Satanic Mechanic
13th May 2009, 13:35
Just got this (note to mods - feel free to delete names if you think they are inappropriate)

Missing Person - Presumed lost at sea

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the fate of the Chief Engineer of the British Unity, Renford Braganza, who had been reported as missing. After extensive searching we now have to assume that he will not be found, and should be presumed lost at sea.

His shipboard colleagues could not locate him after he failed to appear on the morning of 11th May, and raised the alarm.

A 'Mayday' to vessels in the mid Atlantic area and a full search of the ship was undertaken. The vessel was turned around and assumed a search and rescue regime, following the track back to the position of his last sighting whilst conducting a rigorous lookout . Assistance was provided by the Maritime Rescue and Co-ordination Centre, Azores, to conduct air searches. A nearby vessel, 'Star Evviva', assisted in the search. At approximately 1200hrs GMT Tuesday, on arrival at that position, the search was completed.

The vessel was en passage from Brofjorden (Sweden) to US East Coast with a cargo for BP.

Renford's wife and family have been informed and will continue to be supported through this difficult time. Incident investigations are being initiated by Isle of Man Flag State and an independent BP investigation team.

This is a very sad day for BP Shipping and we will do everything we can to understand what has happened, and to support the family of Renford Braganza. My sympathy goes out to Renford's wife and children, his cousins within BP Shipping - Glenn Sampy (Compliance Manager) and Leroy Sampy (Master, British Cormorant), and to his colleagues on the British Unity and across BP Shipping who have worked with Renford. The loss of any seafarer at sea, - and to the sea, is one of the most difficult losses to come to terms with. We will ensure we learn what we can from this incident, and continue to operate the fleet as safely and protectively as possible.

13th May 2009, 14:02
This is very sad news indeed. I am sure that all his former shipmates and seafarers who have heard of this tragic news even though the may never have met Renford will wish to send condolences to his family in their hour of profound grief, as I indeed do

Regards Robert

13th May 2009, 14:50
Yes and the same here.

13th May 2009, 15:57
What a terrible tragedy for all concerned, especially his family. Our deepest sympathies are with those who mourn. May he rest in peace.
Respectfully, James.

15th May 2009, 06:09
Just received the news that Chief Engineer Reinferd has been found missing from his ship while sailing in the Atlantic Ocean.Mr Reinferd belonged to our group of "Mazagon Dock Marine Engineers(Mumbai)' that passed out in 1982/83.I last met him and the whole "Mazdock Ex-Alumni Crowd of Mariners" afetr 24 years in December 2007 at a get-together at "Matoshri club" in Mumbai.Tragic to hear about this sudden calamity and please could anyone who has sailed with him or knows about the incident enlighten me on the same.Bizarrely, another of my batchmate who succumbed to "Throat Cancer" somewhere in 2007,Mr Anees Osmani also worked as C/Eng for "B.P.Tankers".As we all age , gradually we tend to get lonelier with the passing away of colleagues and aquaintances, finally, its only memories that remain."Mazagon Docks Apprenticeship Days" between 1979 to 1983 seems just a few decades ago, yet so much has happened in the Shipping as well as terra-firma World.
Please, anyone knowing Reinford kindly reply to this article.

15th May 2009, 07:22
Although I sailed with BP, it was long before C/E Reinferd's time, nevertheless it is a tragedy that this should have happened.
Rudolph, I am sure that the thoughts of our many members will be with his family and shipmates at this sad time.

Taffy R556959

23rd May 2009, 02:49
Just registered with this forum after reading all about Renford. I was a very close friend of his and his neighbour and I am in close touch with his family.
Very little has been divulged to his family at the moment although a thorough investigation has been carreid out. I can be contacted by Private Message (PM). I am presently trying to get whatever clues , notes or bits of information that are available and with all your experience at sea, your input and thoughts could prove valuable to get to the bottom of this. The ship was arriving New york from sweden, about 3 days away, the weather was pretty rough. He was last seen at 1am when the Capt was chatting with him and he sent an email to the company before going to bed. His bed was slept in, and his shoes etc were all in his cabin. It was only the next morning at about 9 am that the crew realised that something was amiss and raised the alarm. A complete sea, ariel search has been carried out with no results. The ships has been throughly searched along with K9 which came up with negative results.

Royston Mascarenhas

8th June 2009, 04:36
This is a terrible tragedy, I'm shocked. Have known Renford all my life and he has been a wonderful friend to my dad and my family.
He will be greatly missed.
My heart goes out to Niloufer and the children.