Hi everyone

12th April 2004, 07:06
Hi every one,good to see a forum such as this and it will be interesting to watch it grow.
I work in an iron ore port in Australia witch sees some 1000 bulk carriers per year and exports in excess of 90million tons of product.This is mainly iron ore but also includes salt, maganese,copper concentrate,chromite,feldspar.

Looking forward to posting with you all in the future :thumb:


12th April 2004, 10:21
Hi Ken and a very warm welcome to Shipsnostalgia (or 'SN' as I think it will turn out for regulars). As you can see, it's very early days for the site at the moment... but it will be very active before long.
If you can add anything to the forums to get the ball rolling on certain topics, we'd greatly appreciate it. We're looking forward to expanding the bulk carriers section, hopefully with some photos. If you have any photos to post, fire away.

27th April 2004, 18:29
Hi Ken,

Sorry in being Slow In saying Hello, Been a bit busy but welcome!!