29th August 2005, 19:37

My name is James Campbell and I first went to sea as Radio Officer
on the Shell Tanker MARISA/GXFH (1972)
Did a few trips with Bankline MEADOWBANK and ended up in the RFA.
Came ashore and worked as Radio Officer WICK RADIO , NITON RADIO
Have been a Ship Radio Surveyor for last Twenty Years.

29th August 2005, 19:50
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the prompt reply.
I am new to this site and enjoying it already


29th August 2005, 21:12
I used to be the Radio Officer on the MEADOWBANK late 1972 - 1973 I think.
Sailed Rotterdam to Australia then Papua New Guinea, San Francisco,
Did a few round trips.

James Campbell

29th August 2005, 23:33
Welcome to the site James, hopefully you'll have some photos to post

30th August 2005, 08:12
Welcome aboard, James. Enjoy the site and all it has to offer.

michael james
30th August 2005, 09:51
Welcome to SN Jim,
Hope you enjoy all aspects of the site and look forward to your valued input.

30th August 2005, 13:44
Welcome to the site Jim, I am sure you will enjoy, plenty of R/Os here.

Doug Rogers
31st August 2005, 02:35
Welcome aboard Jim, enjoy the site and look forward to your contributions.

Jeff Screeton
5th September 2006, 15:18
Someone else who sailed on Meadowbank and ended up in the RFA!

"Meadow" was the first and last Bank Boat that I ever set foot on; the first time as a cadet in 1978 when she was in Baileys dry dock in Barry (with a cracked stern shaft) and the second time when we brought her out of lay-up at Blackwater in 1982.

Back in 2004 I started the arduous task of tracking down plans and photos in order that my father could build a model of the ship. Thanks to the wonderful people at Reederei Roth in Hamburg (managing the ship in her guise as Pro Atlantica) we came into possession of a large number of plans and photographs. I am now the VERY proud owner of a model that weighs in at just under six feet in length and a wonderful testimony to all that was superb about British shipbuilding. I have some nice Bank Line photographs; when I can work out how to reproduce colour slides I'll happily share them.

15th August 2007, 11:55
My husband (David Baker) and I were married on the "Meadowbank" in Melbourne in 1975. Dave was then Chief Officer, so as you can imagine, the Meadowbank holds a lot of wonderful memories for us.

25th June 2008, 12:37
Hello cootaspice
I sailed on the Meadowbank with Davy Baker as captain, on the voyage that he Retired, It was a brilliant trip.Didnt he go off to be a pilot somewhere??
In those days I was 4th engineer. Great memories indeed.

26th October 2008, 13:59
Cootaspice _ I was there and had the honour of being asked to help point he guests in the right direction. My first trip to sea , white uniform straight out of the packet - for the previous eight weeks I seemed to be dressed in a boiler suit that went from white - to yellow - to mucky grey as David kept me busy in a series of deep tanks. I have fond memories of the return trip via San Francisco and some great food at Fishermans Wharf. Best wishes to you both. _ I still enjoy the odd glass of Glenfiddich.