17th May 2009, 11:49
Whilst browsing in a second hand bookshop yesterday, I picked up a book on aviation, and it mentioned that in the 1930's, Fokker designed and built the "Q.E.D." - a art deco inspired yacht. Powered by 3 engines, 1 diesel (for cruising) and 2 aero engines for high speed.
A photo showed a rather weird looking craft, mentioning that she was lost after a fire, but no other details.
Anyone know anything about her? (Wish I'd bought the book now!)

Tony D
17th May 2009, 12:19
Information on the vessel here.

17th May 2009, 12:42
She had the same lines as the new passenger cats of nowadays (albeit she seems to have had a monohull). Designed & built ahead of her time by 70 odd years.


Scroll down to Red Jet photo.