RMAS Cawsand

20th May 2009, 21:01
I was a cadet back in the 80s and on two occaisions sailed on the RMAS Cawsand (A351) and I have often wondered what happened to her. I can find information on a number of the other Aberdovey class but Cawsand is a mystery. I would be most grateful if anyone had any ideas where she is or what happened to her.

Many thanks

21st May 2009, 09:10
There is a photo of her here, http://www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk/rmas.htm , but no news of her disposal.

31st May 2009, 00:09
Sunk as a gunnery target south of Port Stanley, Falkland Islands on the 25th. March 1986

31st May 2009, 17:59
A bit off the subject but spent a lot of time there in my younger days my uncle had a pub there